College Park’s future rests upon thoughtful and equitable growth. Decades of neglect have left some of our neighborhoods behind. Improved roads, parks, schools, and vital services have been promised, yet not delivered. It’s time to change that.


We must pursue smart, sustainable growth that respects our community’s heritage while preparing us for the future. Our approach to growth will ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or income, has the opportunity to thrive in College Park. Here are key policies in our Growth Plan:

Every part of College Park should benefit from growth. This means ensuring access to parks, streetlights, safe sidewalks, and reliable services in every neighborhood.

Affordable housing is a vital part of any growth plan. We need to enhance public-private partnerships, update zoning rules, and increase funding for housing initiatives to ensure everyone in College Park can afford to live here.

College Park’s downtown has the potential to be the heart of our community. We need to improve our infrastructure to attract development and make our downtown a vibrant place to live, work, and play.


Innovation is key to College Park’s future. We have the opportunity to be a leader in technology, sustainability, and creative problem-solving. However, our community faces challenges in access to technology, education, and opportunities for innovation.


We must champion innovation in all its forms, including fostering a thriving tech sector, encouraging sustainable practices, and empowering our residents to solve local problems in creative ways. Our Innovation Plan includes:

We need to nurture our homegrown talent and attract innovators to College Park. This includes supporting tech education in our schools and fostering a vibrant startup scene

College Park can be a leader in sustainability. We’ll encourage green building practices, renewable energy, and public transit to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our residents are full of great ideas. We’ll establish programs that encourage citizens to develop creative solutions to local problems and help bring those ideas to life.

Economic Development

A thriving economy benefits everyone in College Park. However, too many of our residents are left out of our economic success. We need an economic development plan that creates opportunities for all our residents.


We will work to attract businesses that share our values and are committed to our community. We’ll also support our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. Key policies in our Economic Development Plan include:

We’ll focus on attracting businesses that are committed to our community and provide good jobs for our residents. We need businesses that see the value in our diverse and talented workforce.

Small businesses are vital to College Park’s economy. We’ll make sure they have access to the resources they need to succeed, from grants and loans to support navigating city regulations.

We need to ensure that everyone in College Park can benefit from our economic success. This includes increasing access to job training programs and making sure city contracts are accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or who owns them.

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