Meet Spiceda

Spiceda Jackson is a concerned neighbor, accomplished business leader, devoted mother, wife, and a certified mergers, acquisition, auditor, business advisor and personal accountant with deep ties to College Park.

Roots in College Park

Spiceda Lives, Work, Play, Pray, and Plan to Forever Stay in College Park.  

Her love runs deep for this city and has grown from the time she met College Park on Old National Highway in 2004 heading to church weekly at World Changers International, where she is and has been an active member for close to 20 years and currently serving in the Children’s Ministry.  Her earlier church involvement was teen ministry.  

Spiceda born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida after a promotion from her then Big 4 CPA firm employer moved to Georgia by way of  New York ; where she was making a career move from traditional financial statement auditor to Mergers, Acquisition, Transaction Advisory Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  

During the recession of 2009 Spiceda entered Entrepreneurship, she founded eXFinancial Inc. d/b/a TaxPLUS365, an Accountant Advisory firm,  which is located in downtown College Park right on Virginia Avenue.  Her business is a few blocks from her home on Cambridge Avenue.    Spiceda Jackson is not just invested in College Park; as an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor, and home owner, she is a part of its heartbeat.  Her favorite statement is, “I Live, Work, Play, Pray, and I am here to Stay in College Park!”.   Her WHY is simple, she is in LOVE with College Park and possess the skill-set, care and drive to see excellence manifested in this gem of a city.   

Spiceda is not your typical CPA or Accountant, with a career spanning over three decades, Spiceda is the by product of INROADS starting her career as an Accountant at 16 years old.  She has helped entrepreneurs, small business CEOs, and everyday people navigate the world of finance, business, and taxing situations.  When she worked in Big 4 Accounting, she assisted Delta with their decision to merge with Northwest, serving on the due diligence quick turnaround team for her firm.  

Spiceda’s expertise in the numbers game is not just theoretical – she has eXperience that is UN-MATCHED.  She has been called the Olivia Pope of Business and a Unicorn in her field, she applies her experiences and insights TODAY to her life, her business, and now, her city as she has a vision for an eXcellent College Park for her young children Joseph III (8yo) and Selah (6yo).  

Her husband Joey and she purchased their home on Cambridge Avenue after investing in their business building on Virginia Avenue in 2017.  Her kids play at the parks, enjoy the recreation center, she walks the tracks and can always be found supporting the businesses in our neighborhood.  In her free time, Spiceda is a foodie and loves hosting neighbors, enjoying coffee shops, and local eateries with her Husband, Children, Grandchildren, Sorority Sisters, other Mommies, Parents and friends. 

Spiceda is a Business Leader, Influencer, Finance Coach, Accountant and Fixer who has a VISION for College Park  to become a place we can be prouder of

… a Place where eXcellence and not just Better Lives

… a Place where we are not just ONE but FOUR wards moving Forward 

… a Place where it’s not just about BUSINESS, but it’s about the PEOPLE 

… a Place where we are called COLLEGE PARK, and not Atlanta 

… a Place known for eXcellent and not simply good living.  

… a DESTINATION Place where we put a Mark of eXcellence on the World that cannot be Forgetten 

… a Place that is Unforgettable, in a Better Way.

… a Place where EVERY Citizen receives benefits at every level.

…. a Place where our kids will forever be PROUD to say, I’m From College Park! 

… A Place of eXcellence. 

Called to Serve

In December 2022, when College Park was faced with the water crisis that left residents without water for several days, in neighborly conversation Spiceda was reminded that based on her foundation as a member of College Leadership Florida Class II, former Student Body Vice President of Florida State University’s 30,000 population student body, former National Pan-Hellenic President, Alpha Kappa Alpha Undergraduate Basileus, former Government and Non-Profit Financial Auditor turned Community Business Leader, Advocate for Under-Served Youth in Education, and Accountant Influencer, she was unknowingly living a life preparing to serve College Park, the city she fell in love with in a capacity that can fix and excel us forward.  

Spiceda has been an engaged member of this community and a part of the Historic College Park Neighborhood Association and formerly served as the CPA for the Airport West Community Improvement District; therefore she understand the road ahead.

Ready to Lead

Spiceda’s proven business acumen, her concern for College Park, and her relentless determination to foster growth and excellence make her the perfect candidate for Mayor. Her approach to leadership is holistic – she aims to improve the city not just through economic development and growth but also by ensuring that the government is reflective of the community in every way.


Spiceda’s effective leadership has helped her assist her clients from Big Business to Quasi-Governments to Small Businesses to Everyday Tax Paying People.  Her business was started in a recession and thrived through the pandemic.  While helping her clients get access to PPP, EIDL, ERC and other Government Assistance, she home-schooled her children through the pandemic tough times and delivered great results.  Spiceda has tenacity, creativity, and a dedication for seeing people win.  She is now ready to apply her this same tenacity, creativity, know-how and dedication to serve the city of College Park.

Building an eXcellent College Park

As Mayor, Spiceda aims to create a consistent College Park and a government that mirrors its community in every aspect. She is passionate about bettering neighborhoods so that the city as a whole can excel and build a common agenda.

Spiceda wants College Park to Believe and See the Bigger potential that we have as a city.  We are a destination place that is filled with resources and we must be good stewards of what we have.  We must become a city of thriving eXcellence on Main Street, Old National, Roosevelt Highway and throughout College Park.  6 West is a Project that can be an economic engine for us and tax saving for citizens.  College Park is a City, not just one project or street. 

Meet Spiceda

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